Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here is Annie Mourraille, assassin of Marx Dormoy, and the principal character of the next chapter we'll be writing for Vengance - yes folks, we are moving ahead on the book.  Annie was a "femme moderne," even though as an ultra-nationalist and extreme conservative, she would have rejected both that label and "feminist."  Here she's wearing a man's pants, tied up with a belt, as she often did, walking along the boardwalk at Nice, where she lived and worked as an actress after she fled Occupied Paris.  Yet she's also wearing a sort of homemade "bikini" top, well before bikinis were introduced to the general public, brazenly showing off her good looks and tan regardless of the scandal she might cause.  Annie was a war hero, decorated in 1940 for her courage under fire driving ambulances and supply trucks to the battlefield under enemy fire.  She was a devoted follower of Petain and the National Revolution, and like Beatrice Bretty, profiled in an earlier posting of this blog, determined to carve out a role for herself as a warrior for the National Revolution, and willing to use her feminine sexuality as a weapon.  She is a fascinating woman, even though she was involved in a terrible crime, or perhaps because of it!  We will be exploring her life, and that of her lover and fellow Yves Moynier, in the next chapter of Vengeance.